Backflow Prevention Installation & Services

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Trust Your Water Supply Safety to “ All For Plumbing”

One of the biggest dangers to a public water utility is contaminated water backing up in clean water pipes until it flows all the way back to the main water supply. A backflow protection device keeps the water flowing through your pipes in the correct direction, thus ensuring your water is safe in all your main lines and the local water supply remains untouched.Your home or business depends on a properly working backflow protection device in order to make sure your clean water stays clean, and that’s why Fast Plumbing offers high-quality backflow prevention device servicing and installation.

When you need your backflow prevention device inspected or replaced, trust the “ All For Plumbing” at Fast plumbing! Call us at (281) 829-9854 to request your service.

Preventing Backflow From Hurting Your Home

Water is only supposed to flow through your plumbing in one direction, but pressure changes in pipes, as well as blockages or clogs, may cause the water to eventually creep back up your water lines, causing contamination that can spread throughout your home and even back into the public water lines. While most homes have backflow prevention installed, all commercial buildings are required to have a sophisticated backflow prevention system which needs to be regularly inspected and maintained to ensure it’s functioning properly.

Some signs that you may have an issue in your backflow prevention may include:

  • Frequent drops in water pressure
  • Discolored water in your shower or kitchen tap
  • Worms or rust coming from your faucets

If your home has an irrigation system, boiler, fire sprinklers, or one of several other plumbing features installed, you do have a backflow device installed that must be regularly tested and certified. Our Austin plumbers can provide this testing as well as maintain your backflow device to keep it working and even replace it if it’s worn out.

Preserving Your Access to Clean Water

Backflow prevention devices play an important role in keeping our city’s water clean and useable by the general population. Even a small amount of backflow can cause serious contaminants to quickly spread, including bacteria, viruses, and diseases. This is why backflow devices are such an important part of homeownership and one that far too many people don’t think about nearly often enough.The team at Fast Plumbing can offer you outstanding service and reliable repairs, even on an emergency basis if you experience a sudden problem with your backflow prevention device!If you’re dealing with a backflow prevention problem in either a residential or commercial setting, CONTACT US ASAP 281-829-9854 We serve Houston, Cypress, Humble, Katy, Sugarland, Stafford, Missouri city areas